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Staying In Seattle?

It is true that we can’t offer you pick up and drop off service in Seattle. Our company is based in the Tacoma area where we enjoy amazing views of Mt. Rainier since we are closer. In fact, Tacoma is named after this beautiful mountain!

If you are staying in Seattle or SeaTac, you can easily connect with our tour by meeting us at the SR512 Park and Ride located at 10617 S. Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499.  There are several options to travel to our Lakewood meeting location.  1) You can drive your car and park for free, 2) take the 594 Lakewood/Tacoma Sound Transit Express bus from downtown Seattle or 574 Lakewood via Federal Way from SeaTac, or 3) use your Lyft/Uber app. Your travel time to our pick-up location and then to Mt. Rainier is the same as a tour originating from Seattle. The cost for the bus is $3.75 per person each direction. Note that exact change is needed – you can use larger bills, but no change is given.

Mt Rainier from Seattle
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Bus Info

To find the bus stop near your Seattle location, you can use your preferred map app or Sound Transit’s Trip Planner. Enter your Seattle address and use 10617 S. Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499 as your arrival location. Select “Arrival By” 8:10 a.m. for best results. NOTE: When using their trip planner, if you receive results with travel times over one hour and 25 minutes from Seattle and/or it is telling you to transfer buses, it is not giving you the best travel plan. There is a better way taking less time. For some reason, their trip planner is not giving the most efficient routing or correct travel options. Feel free to e-mail or call me for help in planning your trip. It is worth the journey! Click here to view their website:

Uncertain About Taking The Bus?

Read what our guests say about their experience:

“Out of the thirty or so days I spent in the USA, this day was my favourite. Diann was such a lovely friendly lady and well informed about the many interesting things there is to see at this beautiful National Park.  I was staying in Seattle and a little nervous about what bus and where to catch it to meet up with the tour in Lakewood,  but Diann was so helpful, providing the bus number, travel time and location (even down to what shops were at the bus stop I needed to be at) and everything went very well from there.   If you only have limited time in the area then make sure this tour is one of the things you do. Thanks Diann, you run a superior tour and I have so many beautiful photos to help me remember this awesome day.” -Julie C from Kempsey, Australia