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  • Great for Cardio

Difficult Mount Rainier Hiking Tour

Quick Details

Private Tour for 1 Person
Private Tour for 2 - 5 people

Private advanced trek

I am offering a choice of three different hikes. Select the one that appeals to you and be ready for a fun hike!

We will meet at one of these trailheads inside Mount Rainier National Park and explore the diversity this Park offers.

Enjoy the personalization of a private tour. I am one of the few companies that have a Commercial Use Authorization Permit which allows us to hike off-the-beaten trails and stay away from the crowds. I love guiding hikes on Mount Rainier’s amazing trail system.

Meet your guide, Diann, at the trailhead and be ready to explore one of these 4.5 – 6 hour hikes. Hiking poles, snacks and extra water are provided. These hikes are perfect for well-experienced who desire a workout. These trails have long sections with a steep grade and can be grueling at times. Note the elevation gain to pick the right hike for you and/or your group.